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ePro Horn Shaped Tips Silicon Eartips 2 Pairs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Product

I used it on my IMR Avalon and it was really an add on sonically, especially with in the treble area adding a very nice timber, still with retaining a full bodied punchy bass.

Billy Sucipto

ePro Horn Shaped Tips Silicon Eartips 2 Pairs

Steve Sinclair
ePro Horn Shape Large

For us IEM hobbyists, tips and cables are an important part of our armoury. There is a massive selection from cheap generic tips to really expensive tips. My go to tips are L Spiral Dots, L Azla Earfits and L ePro Horn Shape. The ePro is a genuine large size and not as frictional as the other two and easier on the ears. Important part of any collection.

Nenad Raic
3 Pairs of eartips- received

I received three pairs of eartips from brands: Acoustune, ePro and Queen Lab.
I didn't tried them yet but items look good so I don't expect any problems.

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