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Pentaconn COREIR Brass Metal Core Eartips for In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Hard to believe

Considering that these contain metal it is almost hard to believe how comfortable they are.
Good seal , nice comfort.
Great product

Solid Ear Tips with V-Shaped Sound

Solid pair of ear tips that sit good in my ears due to the sticky nature. They never collapse and always provide a good seal form the metal core but the sound signature will be a hit or miss for some. It ups both the upper mid range and mid bass. I found it to make my Mest Mk2 more mid bass focused while also enhancing the upper range of vocals to sound more crisp. In terms of soundstage changes, they allow my IEMs to have a taller soundstage with more height variance while providing a more coherent and full sound. If you have an IEM that lacks upper mid range or mid bass, these ear tips are the ones to go for in terms of a V-Shaped signature. Good although the price is pretty steep. I recommend getting the pack with one pair of one size and another size. I am now curious in the Coreir Pentaconn Al Alloy after my initial impressions.


though it took more than a month for these ear tips to arrive, it was worth thew wait.

the Volurs sounded better. bigger soundstage in terms of width and depth. improved clarity, stereo imaging, instrument separation. detailed, detailed, detailed. lovelier timber, cant find another word to describe it. just lovely. and the bass. this is where the Volurs shine, and it just got better.

if i used to tap my feet and hands in time with the music im listening to, now i am singing along!

just one thing that didnt fit in the eqaution though. the nozzles of the Volurs are quite long. as a result, they are inserted only halfway through the eartips, and they get easily detached, especially when oil accumulates. wish the nozzles could be inserted deeper.

Brendan Vermaak
Awesome...thank you!!!

Sooooo good....extremely happy with my purchase. Fit like a glove and makes sound so beautiful.

Mark Murdaugh
Best Eartips I’ve Used

Best eartips I’ve ever purchased! Great fit and sound! Definitely purchasing again. THANK YOU!

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