FiiO BL44 4.4mm Male Balanced TRRRS to 2.5mm Female Balanced TRRS Adapter 8cm

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FiiO BL44 4.4mm Male Balanced TRRRS to 2.5mm Female Balanced TRRS Adapter 8cm

Bask in the beauty of 4.4mm balanced with FiiO AM3B and BL44

The AM3B 4.4mm balanced / 3.5mm single-ended output amplifier module is based on the AM3A, but has received key enhancements over it. Like the AM3A, the AM3B also uses the highly-acclaimed AD8620 wide-bandwidth precision JFET operational amplifier in conjunction with two tailor-made OPA926 op-amps.

Moreover, we’ve made great breakthrough from both exterior and interior based on the AM3A. Exterior-wise, we have cleverly solved the issue of jack undesirably protruding from the rest of the amp module due to the extra length of the 4.4mm socket. Interior-wise, we’ve made it possible to increase nearly 100mW more of power in balanced operation.

But how can you use it if you have a 2.5mm jack? Use the BL44 adapter to achieve lossless conversion and get ultimate sound quality.

The BL44 is a 4.4mm to 2.5mm balanced adapter. Compared to your typical adapter, the BL44 uses high quality HPC-23T annealed high-purity single crystal copper wire wrapped in a TPE skin. The BL44 is only 8cm long so as to ensure your wire won't unnecessarily catch on surfaces and break.

Length: Around 8cm

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