Acoustune AET08 Eartip 3 pairs

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Acoustune introducs AET07 and AET08 two, allegedly two eartips can enhance the sound,

If the general random with the attached ear glue, as long as a change will be able to hear better The sound of the difference. In the end how to make headphones earphones more beautiful sound? Acoustune in the middle of the two ear glue (ie red, yellow and white parts), using a thicker special sound material, through the control of the pipe diameter and rough to tune. 

In addition Acoustune ear glue into the ear canal, to avoid the different ears and make the ear twist, reduce the output sound of the acoustic refraction, affecting the performance of different frequencies of music. 

Acoustune AET07 ear glue pipe thicker, the main low-frequency strong and potential, and IF sound transparent, dynamic fierce. As for the analytical and low-frequency clarity, but also because of the design of thick duct material has improved significantly.

Another AET08 to the young pipe design, the middle material is also the use of special sound material production, the characteristics of the IF line can be more crisp, and the human voice is more sweet and delicate. 

AET07 / AET08 tube design for Fender / AKG / Campfire Audio / JH Audio / JVC / Noble Audio / Sony ... other headphones, the use of space significantly improved, the level and details will be more prominent. 

      (1) AET08 - 3 Different Sizes: 

      • Small S (3 Pairs)
      • Medium M (3 Pairs)
      • Large L (3 Pairs)

      What's in the box ?
      - 1 Pack with 3 Pairs (Same Size)
      (2) AET08a New Version with improvement of the BASS - 3 Different Sizes: 
      • Small S (4 Pairs with Case)
      • Medium M (4 Pairs with Case)
      • Large L (4 Pairs with Case)

      What's in the box ?
      - 1 Pack with 4 Pairs with Case (Same Size)

      Compatible IEM Earphones: Acoustune / Fender / AKG / Campfire Audio / JH Audio / JVC / Noble Audio / SONY (some models) 


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