Acoustune ARC30 ARC40 Series MMCX to 3.5mm 2.5mm Balanced 4.4mm Balanced Copper Upgrade Cable

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Acoustune launched the same configuration as the original HS1600 series headphones. The ARC30 / 40 series upgrade line was changed to a more enthusiastic 8-core silver-plated OFC copper wire. The 4.4mm Pentaconn OFC balanced plug was added to meet the sound quality requirements of a number of headphone fans. .

ARC30/40 series upgrade line, the material design is the same as the original HS1600 line, made of 8-core silver-plated OFC copper wire, some of which are added with silver coating, and weaved in different directions, plus shielded and soft PVC skin. Protection, to reduce noise, interference and other issues, high-speed transmission, but also to minimize the distortion problem, with the headset cable attached to the beautiful aluminum box, the headphone end provides MMCX and 2-pin plug selection, and the source side Providing 3.5mm unbalanced, 2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced plug, 4.4mm balanced plug is also the first to introduce Pentaconn original OFC enhanced version, more advanced than the ordinary version of the brass socket, to ensure the conduction performance, the pursuit of excellent sound quality Users should not miss it.

ARC31 - MMCX to 3.5mm
ARC32 - MMCX to 2.5mm Balance
ARC33 - MMCX to 4.4mm Balance
ARC35 - MMCX to 4.4mm Balance (Pentaconn OFC plug version)

ARC41 - 2-pin to 3.5mm
ARC42 - 2-pin to 2.5mm Balance
ARC43 - 2-pin to 4.4mm Balance
ARC45 - 2-pin to 4.4mm Balance (Pentaconn OFC plug version)
Remarks : The package includes cable ONLY. Earphone is NOT included.

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