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EarrBOND Hybrid Silicon with Foam Inside Eartips 2 Pairs for SONY Campfire Fender JVC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard Lemuel Adarlo
earrbond like foam tips!

if you love using foam tips but hate disposing them because of no possibility to maintain or clean them. then the earbond tips is a great alternative


EarrBOND Hybrid Silicon with Foam Inside Eartips 2 Pairs for SONY Campfire Fender JVC

Ole H Olsen
New Love For My Noble M3s

It always amazes me how different tips sound so different on different IEMs and how the same IEM can sound sk different with different tips. Having said that i be got the Noble M3 which has been described by many as being a deep V signature. I've rolled lots of tips on them and finally settled on Foams which deepened the bass but absorbed some of the highs that the magnetostatics are capable of.... The Earrbonds arrived this morning and OH My..... They have completely transformed the M3s. The asbass has got great slam with lots of detail and definition. The mids which were previously hollowed out has come forward mids and vocal have come forward and the top end treble has be extended and is full of detail and clarity. I wouldn't call these the best tips for every IEM but on the Nobles, they are the bomb. They are literally brand new different IEMS than the ones I was listening to yesterday.

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