iBasso CB12 Bronze Single Crystal Silver / Copper MMCX 2.5mm Balance Upgrade Cable

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ibasso has saw fit to release a balanced version of their stock cable that comes with the IT03 caleld the CB12. It does not come with the package but retails separately for $99 and is made of Mono crystal Copper & Copper-Silver alloy braided.  It does change the presentation of the IT03 in a good way for the majority of DAPs and amps with balanced output capability.

Forget all the unblanced cable treble cons, the new iBasso CB12 balanced cable on the IT03 brings the performance right where I hoped it would go. If your DAP can cope (read Opus#1, or AM3 from FiiO) then I highly recommend switching to the IT03 balanced. Not only will it give you a far more controlled treble performance, particularly around 5-7k, it will also add a healthy dose of dynamics and tighten up the bass a touch without sacrificing any detail.

Mids & Treble
Everything just sounds so much more natural, particularly with rock and vocals. Female vocals, whilst still a touch too energetic for me in its attack, do not come across as sibilant when compared to using the IT03 in unbalanced mode. If I was on the fence with regard to the treble performance in single ended mode I can safely come off it going balanced. I won’t claim the second coming of subdued treble, but it is much more coherent and enjoyable now with those tricky genres and instruments I mentioned before.

The IT03 is not as efficient as you might think regardless of the 8-ohm rating. 107dB is not as sensitive as some of the ultra-efficient IEMs in the market today such as the Campfire Audio range but the good news is that is much less prone to noise and hiss and it does scale quite well in terms of dynamics and top end control. It does, however, need a bit of juice and weaker sources/amps tend to upset the delicate treble balance between being clean, clear and energetic to being a little hot and unnatural .

  • Handmade 8-wire Braided Cable 
  • Wire:  6N Mono Crystal Copper wire  & Copper Silver Alloy
  • Wire Insulation:  Proprietary high quality dielectric with antioxidant
  • Plug:  2.5mm gold plated balanced TRRS
  • Length:  120 cm +/- 5 cm

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