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Korea DIVINUS VELVET Eartips for In-Ear Monitor Earphone Black 5 Sizes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Comfort and great SQ

The velvets are some of the most comfortable tips I have ever used, and I have used many. Great for deep insert iems, they add extra dynamics and punchiness to the bass, as well as clarity to mids and treble. Very nice!

Benjamin Yap
Great tips!

I have the Divinus Velvet tips paired with the Sony IER-Z1R and I love the fit and sound.

Tareq Abou-Samra
Amazing Tips

Not only do these conformably seal really well with their quirky shape. They have a strong influence on the bass slam on music playback. Adding a nice fun sound of bass with little other caveats.

I highly recommend the Divinus Velvet Tips.

Steen Pihl
Really worth it!

The decription made me buy it and it’s everything as expected! It provides a great seal and works (for me) as a kind of a turbo version of the Orange Peels.

Mr. orange
Good earpieces that don't live up to their appearance

The earpieces look very ordinary and the packaging is honestly cheap for the price of 980 yen per pair, but the earpieces function very well as earpieces.

I mainly use them for Meze ADVAR. I was satisfied with the sound of the Type E earpieces that came with the ADVAR, but I had a problem with the burden on my ears when I used them with the ADVAR, which is a little heavier. The spinfitCP100+ and SednaMax earpieces I have on hand feel better to wear, but the overall sound is lighter and less resonant, which I am not satisfied with. These earpieces did not tire my ears and the sound was satisfactory. The material is quite smooth, but the earphones don't come off and feel good to wear.

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