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PW Audio Anniversary Series Number 5 No.5 8-Wire Headphone Upgrade Cable

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PW Audio

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of PWaudio, Peter Wong has developed a new upgrade cable suited for audio enthusiasts looking for a fun sound signature at a price that is relatively wallet friendly.

The No.5 cable (8-Wire) features single crystal OCC copper litz wires of 26AWG thickness which offers a warm, tube amp-like sound signature added to your IEM. Adding this cable to your IEM will give it fuller and thicker mids, with thicker bass that is better extended.


  • Wire Material: High Purity Single Crystal Copper Litz Wire (7 N)
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm / 2.5 mm Balanced / 4.4mm Balanced
  • Connector Type: MMCX, CM 2-Pin, UE CM, FitEar, ATH IM, IE80, UE TF10
  • Twist Number: 26 AWG
  • Cable Length: 1.2 m
  • Number of Conductors : 8-Wired

 Review on Head-Fi :

For entry-level model, you can find the 4-Wired version. Here it is >> PW Audio Number 5 4-Wired Upgrade Cable


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